Vultures CD

This CD (recorded at Tower of Music), entitled Vultures vs. Ampersand, boasts ambient, dark, and industrial sounds that recall Italian Futurism in two half hour long tracks that highlight the unusual instrumentation and varied musical backgrounds of the two projects.

Ampersand, led by artist and musician Stephen Oldfield, builds and performs with giant metallic structures created in his Deptford home. Along with the sound sculptures, Ampersand uses missile shell casings, corrugated iron sheets, and a dismantled piano as well as radios, detuned electric bass, and enhanced electronics.

Vultures Quartet for this recording features prepared zither, a Korg synthesizer, metal percussion, bowed cymbals, and house hold objects such as pot lids, a wok, table legs, and a CD rack. Many of the acoustic sounds made by the quartet were manipulated and reintroduced into the composition through the live computer processing of member Matt Chilton.

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