Brigette Aphrodite on 28th March

Bridgette Aphrodite

After being thoroughly impressed by her Edinburgh Festival show, the Lost and Found Department is giving the stage to Brigette Aphrodite on 28th March.

“Simply wonderful .. pure, fabulous escapism that will leave you grinning from ear to ear”

Three Weeks

“A sparkling mix of comedy and music delivered with a great deal of impish, knowing charm.”

Broadway Baby

In a land far, far away, (Bromley) there lived a little half Greek girl who dreamed of being in her own show. So she blew and she blew and she blew her house down. So now she has to do a show anyway to pay for the mounting repair costs. It is with excitement, wonder and amazing costumes that we present to you the glittering, fabulous and

AphroJamm employ the tried and tested techniques of doing stupid songs, swearing and causing chaos to take you on a journey through the imagination of Brigitte Aphrodite, who presents an array of characters inspired by the hell of living in the grey and damp outskirts of a major city.

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